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Announcement Network Updates
6 months ago

Hi Eternal Family,

I got some exciting news to share with everyone. Over the past month we have been working on making the network grand. This includes updating Spawns, Network colors, scoreboards and more. Below you can find the most recent changes...


We have fully switched our hub to a new spawn, this change has been out for a while but is very exciting! Along with the new spawn we have also updated our Server Selector and add Player profiles. Player profiles allow you as a player to see more of your data including your rank and first join date.


Just like the hub we have changed our spawn to its permenant one. I hope everyone enjoys...

Announcement Big Update!
8 months ago

Hi Everyone!

We got some exciting news on some new content/additions to the Server!!

Before wwe get into the interesting and fun additions to the network we have to start with the boring stuff, The Rules! As of 5/21/2020 The Network Rules have been updated and clearly set in place broke down by Gamemode and Netowork Wide. You can view these new rules here.


PvP has been added to survival!! We have finally finshed the survival arena and custome GUI's, You can visit pvp in game by doing /warp pvp.

Daily Rewards<...

Announcement Update/Creative Release!!!!!
9 months ago

I'd like to announce that **creative** is officially live!!

There is a new section on the shop specially for Creative, we are introducing the Neutron Rank and Extra Plots.

We have done testing to insure that the server has no bugs but we are human as well, If you find a bug within the server please report it at

Discord :

Announcement Release
9 months ago

With long wait and anticipation EternalEclipse has grown from just a name to a full Network and much more. As the Owner of EternalEclipse I'd like to announce that the server is officially live!!

We have done testing to insure that the server has no bugs but we are human as well, If you find a bug within the server please report is at

If you are interested in helping out the community by joining the staff team you may apply here

Also you can use code 'Release' for 20% off all packages on the store at,


IP :


See you around,

Kyle |...

Announcement Welcome to EternalEclipse!!
10 months ago

Welcome to EternalEclipse!!
Thank you for joining the community! stay up to date with the latest updates, server events, and much more by signing up. The forums are divided into several categories for convenience! Make sure to check out the Announcements and Introductions! Dont forget to leave a post.

What's EternalEclipse?!
EternalEclispe is a minecraft network providing a unique experience for all players. We have a unique Survival gamemode and soon will be releasing Creative, and Competitive Skyblock!!

Stay tunned to the Announcements channel for frequent updates and new releases! Got an idea...

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