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3 months ago

It is unexaptable to be disrespectful to any players including staff. Make sure to read the entirety of the rules found here. We will shorten your Server Mute (Discord) to 1 Week from todays date, 7/30/2020. On 8/6/2020 you will once again be able to use voice call. In future if you disrespect staff in such way as you did this time you will be permenetaly muted on the discord server. Also make sure to only speak English within the Discord.

Kyle | Owner

Muted Shortened.

3 months ago
Network Updates

Hi Eternal Family,

I got some exciting news to share with everyone. Over the past month we have been working on making the network grand. This includes updating Spawns, Network colors, scoreboards and more. Below you can find the most recent changes...


We have fully switched our hub to a new spawn, this change has been out for a while but is very exciting! Along with the new spawn we have also updated our Server Selector and add Player profiles. Player profiles allow you as a player to see more of your data including your rank and first join date.


Just like the hub we have changed our spawn to its permenant one. I hope everyone enjoys it! You all can check it our with /spawn. Along with the New spawn we have changed the Scoreboard to look better and use a better format. We are also working on our new Custom Enchants, Currently there is no way for you all to buy more custom enchants; but make sure to stock up on them tokens as we plan on fully releasing our updated custom enchants very soon.
Along with all of these addition/changes to survival I woul also like to introduce our new planets! We have 4 additions to the survival gamemode...
  - CreeperLand
  - Nordic
  - Aquatopia
  - NewLand
All four new planets can be found at the new spawn, there you will find the new NPCs to teleport to these custom generated lands. These planets have different creatures that spawn unlike our normal Wild World.

Is there anything you would like to see added to EternalEclipse? We are always looking for your feedback that you can give here.
We look forward to sharing our next big projects with you all very soon.

See you around,
Kyle | Owner, EternalElcipse

3 months ago

Once factions is add you may re-suggest this.


3 months ago
Suggestion-Sell All Command

This was actually a bug! This has now been fixed, please reopen a bug report if this continues.


3 months ago
Suggestion-Survival Heads

Look foward to seeing this soon.